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Whether your washing machine is a freestanding appliance or integrated washer and dryer, Washing Machine Repairs Bristol can offer their professional services to repair your machine in no time at all.


You don't always realise just how much you rely on your washing machine until it stops working and you're stuck with a massive pile of washing that just keeps getting bigger.


At Washing Machine Repairs Bristol, we take great pride in offering all of our clients a fast, reliable and honest service, whatever the extent of the repairs needed.

1. No Power – Check the power supply or fuse. Doors will often not close properly with no power.

2. Water Not Draining – Pump could be faulty or blocked. Alternatively, your outlet or plumbing could be blocked.

3. No Heat – Common causes of no heat could be failure of the element, timer, thermostat, PCB, sensor or wire loom.

4. No Spin – Commonly caused by Carbon Brushes, Plumb Wire, PCM or motor belt.

Indesit washing machine repairs in Bristol

Is your Indesit washing machine not working?

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